high end scrubs

Who wears scrubs, and what are they?

Scrubs. If they are thorough and they value their hygienic requirements, they are doing this on a daily basis. They are at least giving themselves daily scrubs. More than that could be a bit too much. Such a poor pity that there are folks out there who can’t give themselves a good wash under the arms and, well, down there. Many of them are bedridden. But do not worry too much about them because registered nurses are doing the scrubs, usually in the early hours of the morning. And they are wearing high end scrubs too.

Why high end? And what are they? Scrubs are protective garments that the nurses are required to wear whilst they are attending to their patients. And nurses need to look good on the job too. That’s why the scrubs are called high end. This thing of looking good is not just a matter of high fashion. It is actually quite necessary too when you think about it. Their very presence and the clothes that they wear provides therapy, even light relief.

Gone are the days when nurses wore those formal, starched and quite restricting uniforms, and with those ridiculous looking hats too. They’re called cones, actually. So confusing. Anyway, the nurses’ every day in-hospital wear, including their scrubs, is so very informal. They are relaxing to the eye. And they are relaxing to wear too. Or should that be; comfortable? There you go, that’s more like it. Nurses, mind you, are not the only staffers in the hospital’s wards and corridors.

high end scrubs

Imagine if that were the case? Would nurses be able to do the things that doctors are trained to do? And you can hardly expect them to be going on their hands and knees to scrub the floors too now would you.