High pressure syringe

Get High-Quality Results with High-Pressure Syringes

High pressure syringe

In the field of analytical lab science, precision and accuracy is of utmost importance. Even the minutest amount of solution or substrate measured or fraction of a second too early or late can alter the end result of any research experiment or scientific analysis. That is why having the best quality materials and machines in the lab are a necessity for any credible lab analyst. High pressure syringes are often used in analytical laboratories of various scientific fields, ranging from environmental biology to delicate neuroscience.

High-pressure syringes, or syringe pumps, are used to inject a discrete amount of fluid or gas into a particular medium needed for testing. The sample in the syringe being tested by the lab analyst is under immense pressure, so that when it is injected into the medium the sample will be less likely to dissipate and result in inaccuracies. Because of the nature of high pressure contained in a tiny vessel such a syringe and needle, it is imperative that the materials used and the process to manufacture them are of utmost quality to prevent untoward damages to the apparatuses and potential risk of injury to lab workers.

High-pressure syringes are available on the market at small-volume capacities and are fitted with either a bevel needle or a straight needle. The choice of syringe and needle is dependent on your preference and the needs of your research and analysis. The cost of quality high-pressure syringes with needles start above $150 and can reach up to double the cost for a single syringe with needle. Most labs will require more than one syringe to conduct an analysis or research, so it would be wise to select a high-pressure syringe that is durable, cost-effective, and accurately calibrated. Only trust reputable suppliers for your syringe and other laboratory needs to ensure you get precise and accurate results, every time.

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