fix my vision virginia beach va

Not Quite 20/20 Vision But It Can Be Close

fix my vision virginia beach va

20/20 vision is considered to be the perfect, one hundred percent vision. If you have 20/20 vision, then you have perfect eyesight. This is, these days, quite rare, and it is inconceivable that you do not have 20/20 or perfect eyesight. Go ahead, see if you have it or not, have your eyes tested. And by the time the verdict is read to you, more than likely with the advantage of a good pair of bifocals, you can do what I did.

After so many eye tests and prescriptions over the years, I grew a little weary. I wanted near-perfect vision and to not have to subject myself to so many eye tests and prescription adjustments. It is not as though I have trouble wearing glasses. In fact, I would much rather be wearing them than contact lenses. Contact lenses can scratch the sensitive eyes and it can be a real schlep having to medicate the eyes with ‘teardrops’ every few hours or so.

I went to the eye doctor, not the optometrist, and asked him to fix my vision virginia beach va sightseeing for once and for all. This the eye doctor could do. An optometrist cannot. After an extensive and detailed eye exam, the doctor is able to determine the extent of the eyes’ weakness. But he is also able to assess its strengths. And from thereon, he is able to craft a near-perfect prescription which would usually entail the wearing of spectacles or contact lenses.

But these lenses merely have a fixed lifespan and it always becomes necessary to revisit the eye doctor for further eye exams and upgrades. But that can now be curtailed through the safe but more effective option of laser surgery.

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