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Do You Have a Cavity?

When holes or tiny openings form in the teeth, it’s a sign of a cavity, a tooth decay issue that causes permanent damage. Some people call cavities tooth decay. Many factors cause a cavity, including drinking sugary drinks, failing to brush the teeth, bacteria accumulation in the mouth. It’s one of the most common dental health problems affecting both kids and adults.

If you have a cavity or suspect a cavity, dental treatment is needed to prevent the decay from embedding deeper into the layers of the teeth. When this happens, toothaches are usually severe and infections and tooth loss are not uncommon. When you schedule appointments for family dental care norco, you not only reduce the risk of developing a cavity, but can also get fast and sound treatment in the event that you discover a cavity in the tooth.

Many signs and symptoms indicate the presence of a cavity in a tooth, although they do vary according to the location and the extent. New cavities may not cause any symptoms at all, but will if it enlarges. Some of the symptoms of a cavity include toothaches, tooth sensitivity, pain when eating hot, cold, or sweet foods or drinks, and holes in the teeth. Brown, white, and black tooth staining also indicates a cavity.

family dental care norco

Don’t wait to visit the dentist if you suspect a cavity in your tooth.  Even when it’s not time for an exam, you should visit the dentist to begin treating the cavity as soon as you possibly can.  The sooner that you get dental treatment, the less risk to your tooth/teeth affected by the cavity. Of course, by maintaining regular appointments with the dentist you can prevent and minimize the risk of cavities in your mouth.

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