facial norfolk va

Put Your Best Face Forward

Our face is likened to a canvas by which we can paint pictures and tell stories about ourselves to each person we encounter, with just a single glance. The skin on our face is highly susceptible to sun exposure, wrinkles, blemishes and other unsightly effects due to our lifestyle, genetics, and environment. Facial defects and imperfections don’t just run skin-deep, they can have a huge impact on our own self-esteem and confidence levels. While it’s impossible to totally eliminate every toxin we ingest or avoid all exposure to environmental stressors, these can be minimized and the damage can be diminished or even undone. Because our first impressions lasts a lifetime, it would be wise to invest in proper skin care in order to put your best foot, or rather best face, forward. If you are ready to invest in your skin, facial norfolk va services may be right for you!

facial norfolk va

Available Facial Treatments on the Market

There is a plethora of treatment options available for every face and skin problem, at all medical aesthetic clinics. For general cleansing and refreshment of your skin, you can opt for a relaxing facial. A typical facial includes skin cleansing, exfoliating, gentle massaging, and application of the mask.

If you want to take the effects your facial a step further, you can add a peel or microdermabrasion session. Both of these procedures aim to remove the most superficial layer of dead skin cells in order to prevent the clogging of pores, strip away dull skin, and promote the rejuvenation of new, healthy skin cells. These treatments are especially useful for clients with excessively oily skin, some forms of acne, and those with scarring or spotting.

Different treatment options and services may be available at your one of your local aesthetic clinics, so it would be best to inquire with them and schedule for a consultation to determine you skin’s needs.

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